Best African Safari Tours: Our Top 10 Picks

The continent Africa is known for its vast wildlife. Not only they host massive plants, animals, but they provide a home to more than 6500 different species of birds, fish and mammals and 100,000 species of insects. So, it is a great option to choose Africa for adventure. You can have great fun and feel amazing while going through different areas of Africa.  No, you do not need to worry about places where to rest and enjoy. You can find the best accommodation in African Places. So, if you want to observe amazing wildlife and click several photographs, you need to go to Africa. Whether you want to spend a vacation or want to experience an expedition, Africa is the best-traveling place for you. Below, I have shared 10 best African areas for Safari tours:

1. Luxury Botswana Wilderness Honeymoon

Luxury Botswana Wilderness Honeymoon

If you go to the northern side of Botswana, you will find a beautiful delta called Okavango Delta. In this fabulous place, you can feel the romance and spend a great time with your partner. In this 7-day honeymoon package, you will be offered splendid birding, land, and water based activities. You will also be allowed to view different games. For observing wildlife, you can go to the Chobe National Park, which is situated at about 2-3 kilometers away from Okavango Delta. In this safari, you can not only celebrate your love but also avail fun in birding and other activities.

2. Spectacular Zambezi & Kafue

Spectacular Zambezi & Kafue

Here is 8-day wilderness safari that will fulfill your several requirements and will offer you an extreme sense of joy and exhilaration. This safari offers

  • Game viewing on the banks of the popular river called the Zambezi
  • Spectacular Wildlife in Mana Pools and Kafue National Parks
  • Thundering Drama in Africa’s Victoria Falls

These three activities are commonly performed in Zambia. So, you can know about Zambia and Zimbabwe by performing this safari.

3. Tanzania’s Wilderness

Tanzania’s Wilderness

Due to deforestation, many wild places or jungles have been vanished. So, it is not easy to observe the beautiful wildlife. But, if have a definite desire, you can see the beautiful wildlife by going to wild places in Tanzania. Here is an 8-day adventure full of fun and excitement. You will get the chance to see Katavi National Park, Mahale Mountains and then fresh Tanganyika Lake. During this safari, you will enjoy trekking, boating, camping and some types of games. You will also enjoy the particular Crusoe-esque beach life, which is just phenomenal.

4. Awesome Kenya Safari and Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Awesome Kenya Safari and Uganda Gorilla Trekking

If you want to perform gorilla trekking, this 14-day Kenya safari is a perfect option for you. Along with gorilla trekking, you will also get a balloon safari over the Masai Mara( a game reserve in Kenya). Moreover, you will also experience splendid game-viewing, specific cultural encounters and exceptional scenery. The Gorilla Adventure is enjoyed in Bwindi untraversable Forest National Park located in Uganda. So, get an authentic safari experience by going to Kenya and Uganda.

5. Heroic Rail Journey in Africa’s Places

Heroic Rail Journey in Africa’s Places

Have thought of traveling in the world’s most luxurious train? If no, think now. In this 3-week journey, you will some beautiful places that include a tropical beach gateway, spectacular landscapes, and gorgeous hotels. This journey is commonly called a BIG 5 safari that moves across Cape Town to Dar es Saleem. People who themselves drive their vehicles can also experience the Big 5 safari. Once in a lifetime, you must experience the thrill of the most luxurious train in the world. Here you also read about top MBA enterance tests.

6. Migration Safari in Botswana with Vic Falls

Migration Safari in Botswana with Vic Falls

In this 10-day safari, you will get the chance to perform some of the best game viewings in Southern Africa. You were asked to leave your fly-camps and then go some private concessions. After watching the Victoria Falls – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’, you will only say one word –“Wow.” In this fantastic adventure, you will also observe

  • The Linyanti
  • The Chobe
  • And The Okavango Delta

7. Serengeti, Masai Mara and Selous Safari

Serengeti, Masai Mara and Selous Safari

Here, you can experience the very best of Tanzania and Kenya. Along with the Masai Mara, Serengeti and Selous Game Reserve, you will also get a chance to explore the Ngorongoro Crater. A luxurious accommodation that includes staying in personalized camps, high-quality water, and food service & mind-blowing game viewing is offered in this safari. If you want to enjoy the best of Africa, you need to experience this safari.

8. Splendid Singita Safari

Splendid Singita Safari

This 7-day safari includes one of the best Africa’s iconic wilderness destinations. The game viewing at Serengeti is considered as one of the most popular game viewing performed in different parts of the world. This tour also features elegant safari lodges, exemplary service, and incredible fine dining. A unique type of safari travel is experienced in this journey. If you ask from any Tanzania Safari Expert about the best safari trip, he will certainly say – the Singita Safari.

9 Remarkable Adventure of Namibia & Botswana

Remarkable Adventure of Namibia & Botswana

If you are going to South Africa for the very first time, you need to experience this safari. This safari offers an extreme sense of fun and enjoyment that can not availed in any other African Safari.This 2-week fly-in safari offers a unique type of adventure. You will be passed through the exceptional beauty of Namibia and world-class game viewing in Botswana wild reserves. You will also enjoy the Stark situated in the beautiful Botswana country.

10. Best of Kruger, Cape Town & Seychelles

Best of Kruger, Cape Town & Seychelles

These are the sought-after destinations that offer the best types of accommodation facilities. Whether you want to go for a honeymoon or exclusive celebration, this 15-day tour is perfect for you. In this safari, you will experience dream scenery and comfortable barefoot beach living. The trip is ended with a Big 5 Safari through the best places in South Africa especially Cape Town. Kruger & Seychelles.


If you are looking for a safari trip, African places are the best option for you. At the Zambezi, you can observe wildlife in Mana Pools and Kafue National Parks and enjoy the thundering drama of Africa’s Victoria Falls. The Heroic Rail journey passes through regions of Cape Town to Dar es Saleem. The seven- day Splendid Singita Safari is among the best safaris that can be enjoyed at Africa. The 15-day tour offers the very best of Cape Town, Seychelles, and Kruger. So, enjoy at the fullest by going to these places.