Engineering College Admission Procedure

Over the past few years more and more students have opted the engineering profession. In comparison to other courses colleges, popular engineering colleges have received a large number of students. The high-level B.Tech degree which was done by meritorious and intelligent students has become a very common degree these days. Students who do not possess the decent amount of marks in their academics also get admissions in top most engineering colleges.


Well, it is not only the good performance in academics that provide admissions in engineering colleges but students also complete engineering degrees because of specific quotas. Also, the well-known corruption opens the path for top most engineering colleges. Yes, it happens the student who does not score well in 12th and entrance exam also get admission in good engineering colleges. Every year education boards come up with new admission patterns and strategies. Read this article and learn about the revised procedure for acquiring admission in better engineering college.

What is CAP?


CAP stands for centralized admission process. Almost all the admissions that occur in Indian engineering colleges is managed by the CAP. Last year some changes occurred in CAP

Now, there would occur no mock CAP round which was conducted in earlier years

  • Only 3 CAP rounds would occur – 2 online examination tests and one on spot counselling
  • Average of the marks obtained in 12th standard physics, chemistry, maths and marks obtained in JEE entrance exam is considered as acquiring admissions in decent engineering colleges.
  • If candidates want to pursue engineering in well-known engineering colleges of Pune and Mumbai, they had to give additional entrance exams.

How to Pursue Engineering Degree in Superb Institutes?

Engineering College

One common question students face after completing 12th non-medical is that which college would be best for starting their engineering career? Which institute provides better jobs and better salary packages?

Obviously, they look for top most engineering institutes. They look the brochures and placement programmes of the colleges. Most of the popular engineering colleges adopt one specific process for providing admissions to candidates:

  • First, students need to obtain 60% marks in 12th class physics, maths, chemistry or its equivalent. Also, students need to achieve 45% marks in the additional vocational subject.
  • If students meet these requirements, he/she can go for entrance exams. Three years ago, the popular IIT exam was split into two tiers –
  • JEE Main and JEE Advance. IIT engineering aspirants need to clear these two particular exams. If he/she passes these exams, he/she will get admission in decent Institute from 16 IITs situated in different places of India.
  • BITSAT is another entrance exam which is held every year. Students who acquire more than 75% marks in 12th standard’s PCM can only appear for this exam.
  • VITEEE provides admissions to popular engineering colleges located in Pune, Chennai and Vellore. No negative marking occurs in the Vellore’s multiple choice examination.

Also, there occur other entrance examinations for admissions to colleges located in different parts of the country.

  • Candidate must satisfy the age criteria for appearing in different entrance examinations.
  • A candidate who lives in India or has obtained Indian citizenship can only appear for these entrance examinations.

Admission Procedure in Popular Engineering Colleges

Admission Process

Candidates can complete engineer degrees in NITs, IITs, CFTIs and IIITs by going through CAP 2016. They need to meet all the eligibility criteria for acquiring admissions in these institutes.

Chitkara University Admissions – Everyone would be aware of this deemed engineering university. Chitkara University is among the top engineering colleges and also the #1 choice of the students in Chandigarh, Punjab as well as North India. You can avail admissions to this engineering college by clearing JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You would not have to give additional entrance exam once you have qualified these toughest exams. Chitkara is focusing on providing the best placements and opportunities to all branches of students.

Punjab Engineering Colleges Admissions– Students who fail to clear both JEE exams can acquire admissions in colleges under Punjab Technical University. Well, if a student has not appeared for JEE Main would not get admission in any Punjab engineering college. Candidate needs to match with other specific eligibility criteria and pay 2000 counseling fees for pursuing the degree in decent colleges affiliated with PTU.

Army Institute Admissions – The students who have their parents belonged to Army can only pursue the engineering degree in these institutions. AIT institutes offers about 300 seats in different engineering branches. Here also, candidates need to appear for JEE Main and have scored about 60% marks in 12th class’s physics, maths and chemistry.

Management Quota Admissions – It is important to know that about 10% of seats are reserved for the engineering colleges for the students who fail to clear CET, JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT and other entrance exams. Candidates get admissions in decent engineering colleges by submitting extra donations. Like other professions, corruption also holds a definite hand in the engineering profession. Continue reading to know more about top mba entrance tests.


Besides one specific CAP process, other processes have also been developed for admissions to popular engineering colleges. In 2013, it was declared that students need to clear two particular exams for pursuing degrees in IITs, NITs, CFTIs, etc. If a candidate fails to clear JEE Main, he/she can get admission in better Punjab engineering colleges by showing the absolute rank of his/her entrance exam. The student must have his/her parents related with the army for completing the engineering degree in AIT, Institutes.